AH1 – Disley to All Hallows

   AH1 - Swan Hotel, Newtown – Disley – Hazel Grove – Poynton  –Woodford- All Hallows Catholic College
N.B. Wednesdays ONLY - departure from school 30 minutes earlier.
   AM.   PM.
 Newtown, Swan Hotel
 07.20  16.37
 Disley, Peveril Gardens  07.22  16.35
 Disley, White Lion  07.25  16.32
 Disley, Railway Station  07.28  16.29
 Disley, Buxton Rd West/Lyme Park  07.32  16.25
 High Lane, Buxton Rd/Andrew Ln  07.35  16.22
 Hazel Grove, Rising Sun  07.40  16.17
 Hazel Grove, Fiveways  07.45  16.12
 Poynton, opp Bulls Head  07.46  16.11
 PoyntonChurch, Chester Road  07.48  16.09
 Poynton, Chester Road, Lostock Hall Rd  07.49  16.08
 Poynton, Chester road, Tern Drive  07.50  16.07
 Woodford, Bridle Road  07.55  16.02
 Poynton, St Pauls Church, Clumber Rd  08.02  15.55
 Poynton, London Rd South, Vernon Arms (am only)  08.04
 Poynton, Midway Bakery (pm only)    15.50
 Adlington Station  08.15  15.45
 All Hallows  08.40  15.25



AH1 Route Map


Application Form

Travel Pass
Route Number
Boarding Point
Please download and print the application form.  
Send your completed application form, passport style photo and payment confirmation page to either address at the bottom of the application form.
Dont forget to sign the declaration or we wont be able to process your application.


 £ 3.00 Daily return fare
 £ 2.00 Daily single fare
 £ 412.00* Annual Travel Pass - Single Payment
A 10% discount is available when annual passes are purchased for second and subsequent siblings. Students can also choose to pay on the bus at the daily rate given above if they are occasional users.
Passes may be used for journeys on any AH1 to AH7 bus providing there is sufficient seating capacity, for example, if students have permission to visit friends homes in other areas.
* 3.6% Fee for Paypal Payments & 2.5% Fee for Credit Card Payments Applies.