All Hallows Macclesfield

Please call 01260 273108 to order your travel pass.

Payment by debit card or cheque ONLY, credit cards are NOT accepted.

To access the online application form, click here.

  • £ 3.60 Daily single fare 
  • £ 4.40 Daily return fare
  • £ 500.00* Annual Travel Pass - Single Payment

(£550* Annual Travel Pass - Three staged payments of £220, £220 and £110 are to be made at the start of each Autumn, Spring and Summer terms respectively.) 

Students can also choose to pay on the bus at the daily rate given above if they are occasional users. 

Passes may be used for journeys on any AH1 to AH8 bus providing there is sufficient seating capacity, for example, if students have permission to visit friends homes in other areas.